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Shipping & Delivery

We are pleased to pack your order at Drinkospirits. When you place an order we give it 100 percent attention to get your order ready for delivery. The items are safe packed in boxes holding six bottles each.

Delivery times

It depends on which transport company you have hired to do the transport of your godsbut normally it does not take more than 10 working days, Drinko sells ex works which means that we will pack your goods and have it ready for pickup when you order it. You are also welcome to us and pickud it yourself.Your order will be delivered to the address you specified in your order. 


Delivery performance

When the package leaves us, we send an email to inform you. If you , upon delivery, notice a damage that may have affected the condition of the goods you have ordered you should not receive it. Make a complaint at the post office and ask them to send the package back to the Drinkospirit shop and write the reason for the return package. Then contact Customer Service at Drinkospirits.

Return address & postal address
Primaranto S.L
Provenza 242 entlo 3a,
08008 Barcelona

Mail address: order@drinkospirits.com


Force Majeure

In the event of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution, riot, government action, strikes, lockouts, blockade, natural disaster or similar events will Drinkospirits.com be able to apply themselves to force majeure. This means that this agreement does not need to be fulfilled to some or lot. If this occurs, we will attempt to inform the customer about this. 


Return policy

From the time that you received your product, you have the right of withdrawal for 14 days. You also have the right to cancel the purchase at no cost, contact order@drinkospirits.com if you regret it after the order is placed.

To the right of withdrawal shall apply, you must consider the following.
• The product must not be used or come to harm.
• The goods arrives to you in original packaging so it will also be returned to us and it must not be taped or the like.
• It may not have been more than 14 days after you received your package.

Keep in mind that
• You pay return shipping

If you do not meet these requirements, but still returned, we will send the product back to you again and charge you for shipping and handling cost.



If an item is damaged or not consistent with how the product is presented on the website, you have the opportunity to complain about the products. Contact order@drinkospirits.com if you want to complain about the products. The handling of complaints under applicable consumer legislation.
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