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Company Information

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Drinkospirits offers high quality wines & other alcohol spirits within Europe.
From our storage in Barcelona, Spain, Drinko provides customers with top of the line products and with the right combination of price, selection, security, and service.

For every product we sell, we're an authorized dealer in Spain. This means that every item you buy from us is backed by the complete support of the manufacturer. And with our customer service, you can be sure that your satisfaction is of highest importance.

We try to have a wide product selection of what we think our customers feel interesting. We are continuously updating our range of product. So if you feel there is anything we can change to be even better or if there is any product you specially want, we will try to please our customers demand, please contact us with you suggestions.


Product Information and Selection

Our own buyers at Drinko has over 5 years of retail practice. They explore the market to select the best offered products for our custumers covering all price ranges. So once again, if you don't find what you're looking for, just let us know and we'll do what we can to find it for you! We actually stock merchandise in our very own warehouses. This means superior inventory control, faster processing, and faster delivery time.

At Drinko we have only expert writing staff that does wide research to give the most correct and detailed information possible for every item. These are written to offer you a honest background so you'll have adequate information to make good buying decisions. Drinko has established partnerships with leading companies in our business. Because of these relationships, we are able to buy items at great discounts, which then allows us to pass these great savings on to you.


Customer Service

Our success is our continued relationships with our customers. The customers satisfaction is of highest importance for us. Whether you are shopping with us for the first time or have bought from us numerous times before, our ambition is to make your shopping experience as informative and as gentle as possible.


The Website

Drinko has developed a easy-to-use website where navigating and ordering through our website is easy. We are continuously adding refinements to help make our site user-friendly for everyone visiting us. We're sure that you will find our website easy to use. So if you have any suggestions to offer, feel free to contact us.


Corporate Requirements

Drinkos mission is to be the best comprehensive online wine and spirit store available on the Internet and the natural choice for you when ordering wine and spirit on the web. Our business is owned and operated by Primaranto S.L (B-54447545), a company incorporated under the laws of spain. You find us at Provenza 242 entlo 3a, 08008 Barcelona.



Here at Drinko we think your comfort, safety and confidence is our greatest priority. All transactions on Drinkospirits.com are digitally encrypted using the latest technology. We do, of course, never share your personal information so you can feel completely safe with us

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